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About us

Virtual Nation Builders is a company built on the belief that by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and connecting it to real communities, we will facilitate socio-economic development. This is brought about by the full transparency, autonomy, verifiability, incorruptibility and trust that is made possible through blockchain technology.

Building on the Ethereum blockchain as a public and transnational blockchain, we create movements in communities where people leverage the power of digital technologies to coordinate, cooperate and communicate on matters that affect them for the common good.

As we build the virtual worlds and the economy that underpins them, we support grassroots initiatives, provide missing public services and shared infrastructure in the pursuit of the common aspirations and collective rights of communities. The Virtual Nation Builders’ model is regenerative and hence sustainable.

As the virtual world invests in the physical communities, the physical community pays back equity to the virtual world. Virtual Nation Builders creates multi-dimensional metaverses that are tied to the physical realm. The productivity and exchange of value between the two worlds make our currencies stable and sustainable.

We seek to redefine the concept of utility in cryptocurrencies.

By tying currency growth to real productivity on the ground, we achieve real utility beyond the mere exchange of crypto among wallets. Hence, our success is not determined only by the stability of the currencies, but by improved livelihood in partner communities. As we do our work, we impact Sustainable Development Goals directly, mainly in the areas of reduced poverty and inequality, reduced hunger and starvation, quality education, enhanced wellbeing, reduced unemployment, peace, justice and strong institutions and sustainable cities and communities.

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