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about the cowrie coin

The COWRIE Coin is a grassroot based cryptocurrency, powered by the Ethereum blockchain to fuel the dreams of communities across Africa.  The COWRIE Coin helps communities connect, achieving financial inclusion and engagement between local and international economies, bridging the social-economic divides across Africa and beyond. Leveraging off a variety of tools and services to fuel local economies, the COWRIE Coin becomes the conduit to lift communities out of poverty and create a platform for broad-based empowerment.

Connection with the African trade

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Monetisation timeline

COWRIE Coin users benefit from a variety of channels of opportunity – connecting a virtual world, NFTs, and the outer world through exchanges, enabling a constant flow of liquidity. Through its link to on-the-ground communities where production and development are happening, the COWRIE Coin enjoys stability and consistent increase in value driven by demand, from the real communities that are a part of it and use it.Community involvement and commitment guarantees the value of the COWRIE.
Community Merchants and Agents operating within the communities, help the currency to scale and grow by assisting, educating, and inspiring communities and facilitating transactions through their local networks (e.g. spazas shops). Further use of our WhatsApp-bots, ensure greater usability and accessibility to the COWRIE Coin. There are many reasons to invest in the COWRIE Coin, including its stability and growth driven by its broad-based access, utility, interoperability, simplicity, and the resultant community impact. The COWRIE Coin is more than just a cryptocurrency, it’s a tool to fight poverty and achieve financial inclusion.