The Ndebele KINGdom


The Ndebele Kingdom was Virtual Nation Builders’ FIRST CLIENT.

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Initiatives for the Ndebele Kingdom

The following initiatives and programmes have already been initiated by Virtual Nation Builders and the Ndebele Kingdom, and our teams are working in collaboration to see to future success and growth. 

Virtual Nation Builders has identified certain needs within the Ndebele Kingdom and have established the following initiatives, on behalf of the Kingdom:

The COWRIE – The COWRIE is endorsed by SAtion, which has been tasked by Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) to lead South Africa’s digital revitalisation strategy. 

The COWRIE has taken away all the barriers of entry and created a crypto which drives inclusion, and not only benefits you, but also benefits your community and has real world utility. 

The COWRIE was the first crypto in the world to offer an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with a money back guarantee. The way COWRIE accomplishes this is by establishing an Escrow which was managed by Schindlers Attorneys and regulated in terms of an Escrow Agreement.

The Alkebulan Experience – Join us for a journey into our African Digiverse.  The Alkebulan Experience is the FIRST step in building a PHOTOREALISTIC metaverse of Heritage in Africa, where real-life objects are brought to life in a digital space. We go beyond a virtual tour and are creating a shared interactive experience to preserve Africa’s heritage.  ‘Alkebulan is the original ancient name of Africa and is the oldest and only word of indigenous origin, translating to ‘mother of mankind,’ or ‘the garden of Eden’.

The Komjekejeke Heritage site is digitised in the Alkebulan Experience. 

An Art Upliftment Project – Rising Ndebele artists can visit the Virtual Nation Builders’ campus and create digital art. 

The creation of NFTs for certain art or artefacts of the Kingdom.

The Ndebele Legal Resource Centre.

The VNB Edu Hub.

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