Our Partners

Immutable Trust Framework

Through our Key partnerships in Law and Journalism 

Schindlers Attorneys is a leading South African law firm with more than 80 attorneys. Schindlers Attorneys is intrinsically involved in all Virtual Nation Builders projects to ensure that frameworks are in place and that the trust structures in the project and ecosystem are immutable and incorruptible. 


Dispute-It have re-imagineered the courts by creating a digital ecosystem platform, which, through the use of bespoke technology and mathematical formula breathe meaning into the wisdom of the crowd and resolves dipsutes in a cheaper, better and faster way by creating a user friendly, accessible, incorruptible, intimidation free legal system and legal framework which is simpler, better and faster for the Ndebele Nation. Dispute-It will create a whole new market to access and interact with the blockchain ecosystem. Dispute-It was released as a pilot program during December 2020.


Key partnerships in Technology

Collab Technologies have re-imagineered companies by creating an easy to use platform where individuals can run businesses and collaborations in a structured way using the principles of holocracy and dynamic share registers. Collab Technologies was released as a pilot program mid-year 2020.


Schindlers Forensics Ai is a collaborative partner and has identified the increasing need for specialist skills to combat the scourge of collusion, bribery and corruption, in the governmental and private sectors, civil society and other regulatory and private bodies, within the South African markets. South Africa is a country wrought with corruption. Schindlers Forensics Ai believes for Virtual Nation Builders to be successful, it is paramount that all its projects are free from corruption, collusion and bribery. Schindlers Forensics Ai will be tasked to ensure that this is the case from the outset of every client project.


SchinTech is a collaborative partner. It is a technology company that provides data processing managed services and portfolio analytics. Virtual Nation Builders leverages their machine learning, Ai tools and skills. Such tools include its exclusive rights to the NUIX to simply and quickly find the truth from the data in the digital world.


Key partnerships in Building albebulan

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Virtual Nation Builders in collaboration with Delta Scan (Pty) Ltd is creating Ubuntuland. The Ubuntuland experience is our first step in building Africa’s Photorealistic Metaverse of Heritage, where real-life objects are brought to life in a digital space. We go beyond a virtual tour and are creating a shared interactive experience to preserve Africa’s heritage. This forms the basis of the experience and the new era of Metaverses and 3D spaces that are becoming accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. 

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Business Partners

Collaborations in place to support Virtual Nation Builders

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Business skills

Our wider collaborators and skills cover a multitude of areas in business including:

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‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. 

If you want to go far, go together.’

Old African Proverb