Virtual Nation Builders

Our Clients and our Collaborative Projects

Virtually Saving Rhino

real world asset tokenisation

Unlocking the nation’s land wealth for everyone.

cowrie coin

Proud Partners in Digital and Global Conservation

South Africa Liliesleaf Farm Heritage Site

First Ever Heritage NFT

Virtual Nation Builders are proud to have Liliesleaf Farm as one of our clients. Nelson Mandela’s Warrant of Arrest for Treason – 1961 NFT is our first NFT for Lilliesleaf.


NDEBELE Digital Nation

The Ndebele Kingdom digital revitalisation project.

Ndebele Komjekejeke Heritage Site

Komjekejeke means a place where you can live in comfort and abundance. Komjekejeke is part of VNB’s first step in building Africa’s metaverse of Heritage, where real-life objects are brought to life in a digital space. We go beyond a virtual tour and are creating a shared interactive experience to preserve Africa’s heritage.  

the mandela’s 1990 World Tour

Crypto gaming

tim mostert Renowned Cartoonist