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Edu Hub and Veza Interactive’s aim is to improve the quality of education throughout the world by using emerging technology and immersive learning experiences. Our collective goal is to expose children to new ways of understanding and mastering problem-solving tasks in a fun way. 

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South Africa, like many other African countries, has a rigid and archaic education system, which has not changed in decades. We believe you should never waste a good crisis. By leveraging the power of open-source software and the 4IR, we have created content that overcomes the structural obstacles that plague our outdated education system.

The education system in South Africa is faced with various challenges, a prime example being the renowned FEES MUST FALL movement, where students in tertiary institutions were marginalised based on exuberant fees, which resulted in socio-political unrest and crucial education time and resources were lost.

At it’s core, innovation is exciting. It involves a new way of operating that can bring the promise of greater efficiency and access for both teachers and learners, both beneficial,  nurturing and moulding the potential of young minds.

A way to SHOW kids a new way to gain EDUCATION

Veza Interactive aims to enhance the current education models by using exponential technology like XR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) apps and game theory, which will result in remote collaborative learning. This means learners don’t have to go to classrooms to get exposed to quality educational content as access will be readily available. 

How we teach should be as important with what you teach. Education changes the conversation, information is the fertilizer of wealth and well-being. Our main goal is to ensure everyone in Africa has quality education while accommodating multiple levels of intelligences to shape our virtual learning programs, next generations and leaders of our future.

VNB’s Edu Hub – Where your body can be a textbook, your smartphone a portal to a new dimension and the pursuit of knowledge endless, thanks to technology.


Africa’s first Smart Sgela (School)   #VezaSgela   #vnbeduhub